#FridayFiction: 100-Word Challenge | “Transcendence”


Mary frowned.
Everybody wanted something, but she couldn’t figure out what she wanted, much less how to get it.

She breathed deliberately, allowing herself to believe she was the right person in the right place. The clouds were the cotton from inside a Tylenol bottle. The moon? A giant analgesic, rolling out of a childproof sky.
Mary raised her arms in sweeping surrender to her imagination, but the garbage bag in her left hand surrendered its contents to the driveway first.

Mary flinched, staring at the banana peel on her pink bunny slipper. She laughed, and found it was easy.


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#FridayFiction: 100-Word Challenge | “Room To Grow”


The noise pushed Shelby out of the house and across three fields. It was cool by the stream, and Shelby hid, muddy-footed and hungry, staring at the cabin, not really believing people came here on purpose.

Shelby’s house was full of feet waiting to stomp on any words you were fool enough to let out. “So what, Shelby?!” Stomp. Stomp. 
Shelby wanted something that filled you up even more than a bellyful of food — space.

The screen door squawked open, and Shelby saw a woman reading a book at the kitchen table before it cracked shut again.

Room to think.


Photo prompt from Darleen at Protein Wisdom

#FridayFiction: 100-Word Challenge | “Aunt Alison Insists”


This isn’t my mother’s hand.

“Of course it is. It’s labeled. See.”
Aunt Alison saw life through a lens and confirmed it was real through the labels she affixed to each photograph and each box-full of photographs.


“Honey, it’s labeled,” Aunt Alison insisted. “What would you know?” A declarative sentence with a question mark hanging off the end, just for fun. “You were just a baby!” She smacked her knees with her palms and smiled sweetly.

A baby, whose whole world extended to the end of her mother’s fingertips. I smiled. Alison was rifling through a new old box.


Photo prompt from Darleen at Protein Wisdom
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