#FridayFiction: 100 Word Challenge | “Fantastic Frank”


Voices. Toddlers screaming. Tight-lipped mothers.
“And for my last trick!” No. Frank smacked his palms together and thought about rose gardens, berry bushes, and baseball. He caught the right memory, resignation flooding his over-pink face, and raised his left hand in front of him.
He smiled. The smile twisted and disappeared under his raincloud eyes.
Why can’t they see it? Just this once!
Peacock feathers. Ladybugs. Blinking eyes.
The cotton candy world floating above his open hand crumbled, a tablespoon of sand in his sweaty palm.
He checked the deck of cards in his pocket and waited behind the curtain.


Inspired by Darleen at Protein Wisdom and Jimmie Bise at Jim-O-Rama


#FridayFiction: 100 Word Challenge | “the bargain”


Grace collected the feathers that fell out of her hand-me-down comforter in a “Daiquiri” rum shot glass.

Her mom had started it. Maybe Grace kept on doing it in a halfhearted attempt to connect with the family, as if in picking up and preserving their collective feathers she was performing a service they’d recognize in their individual souls.
Then, at least, she wouldn’t need to speak.
Maybe it was penance for some grievous wrong committed against the collective feather body.
Either way, she wouldn’t have to speak.

She would be accepted. She had already thrown love out of the bargain.


Inspired by Darleen at Protein Wisdom and Jimmie Bise at Jim-O-Rama

#FridayFiction: 100 Word Challenge | “Hopelong Junction”


“Bats in the belfry”, Susie sang, “hanging upsidedown”.

There were no grand staircases in this town; she would not give this one the benefit of the doubt. Susie picked up her case and found herself in the great hall, buffeted by whooshing gowns and mens’ wooing colognes. Music rose and fell like carousel horses across her brain.

Susie was hoisting her case through the trapdoor now, smoothing her skirt, sitting on the hand-scraped floor, legs dangling through the kicked out boards.
Maybe the trolley would take her where she belonged this time.

She looked at her sensible travel-shoes and waited.


Inspired by Darleen at Protein Wisdom and Jimmie Bise at Jim-O-Rama